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Kind, loving and caring ethos
where your child is nurtured
by experienced teachers. Classes are small and fees are inclusive.


Our Focus

We specialise in the areas
of ADHD, Apraxia, Dyspraxia,
ASD (high functioning only)
and Delayed Learning.


Enrolment Process

Find out more about our
enrolment process and
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Welcome to Little Oaks Remedial School



My name is Leigh and I have been teaching since 2005. I have a husband and three children.


Two of my children find school challenging. This is not to say they are not bright children; they just find it incredibly difficult to read and write.


Throughout my children’s primary school years, they have struggled to read, do homework and study for exams. As the years have passed, I realised the need to help children like mine as there are very few high schools that offer remedial support / concessions with small classes of no more than 10 children in a class.


It all happened three years ago in 2015 when I was talking to an occupational therapist. She expressed how therapists are really battling to find a place for children who suffer with delayed learning.


And that is where my journey started!


I decided there and then that I needed to make a difference. I needed to help these children learn in a kind, loving and caring environment.


There had to be a better way to make learning fun for these children who constantly battle at school.


I knew that there were many parents who felt just like I did:


  1. Those who do not know what to do anymore as their children are lost in the system, and
  2.  Those who need a place that will keep trying with IEPs in place to make sure their children are learning, and most importantly, happy.

In January 2019, Little Oaks Remedial School was born.


We have grown in leaps and bounds with the most amazing teachers, staff, children and parents who absolutely make Little Oaks Remedial School what it is today.


Thank you for taking the time to read my story.


Much Love

About Little Oaks

Little Oaks Remedial is a private independent school. All of our classes have no more than 10 learners per class.


Small classes are designed to allow each child the opportunity to learn and grow in their own time.


The CAPS Curriculum is followed whereby each child receives an Individualised Education Programme (IEP). We specialise in the areas of ADHD, Apraxia, Dyspraxia, ASD (high functioning only) and Delayed Learning.


School fees are inclusive.

Enrolment Process

Step 1:

Contact us using the website contact form or via Email on:


Step 2:

Little Oaks Remedial School will send you all the necessary information about us.


Step 3:

Set up an appointment to meet with us. Please bring your child with you, as well as any therapy reports you may have.


Step 4:

Fill in the application form, along with R250 for the admin fee, as well as all the necessary documentation listed on the application form.


Step 5:

Once all the forms and money are handed in, your child may spend two consecutive days at Little Oaks Remedial School.


After two days at Little Oaks Remedial School we will meet with you to discuss our feedback.

Join the Little Oaks Family

Book an appointment to view Little Oaks and find out more about enrolling your child.



Little Oaks Remedial School
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Dominique Crystal Merrington
Dominique Crystal Merrington
This is the most special, caring and compassionate environment I have ever been able to find for my son. He has only been with Little Oaks for a short time but wow the results are incredible! The best part is that a smiling, happy, singing child comes home everyday! The owner and teachers are the best humans I've ever met! We cannot wait to see his whole school career flourish here 💖🎀💖 Keep doing what you are doing ladies and thank you for taking such good care of all these precious children 💙read more
Ruby Stappard
Ruby Stappard
A tranquil, calming environment with dedicated, loving Teachers and Principal who treat each child as an individual and give them the attention they deserve. Moving to Little Oaks has been life changing for our child and for the whole family. A very special more
Charmaine Urwin
Charmaine Urwin
So far our journey with little oaks remedial school has been a happy one. Our little Ana has been much calmer and we have seen much change. Most of Ana’s unhappiness stems from the fact that there is no school on Saturdays. She has settled well and is moving forward. The classes are small and the staff are well equipped for little ones who need extra love help and more
Donnagene Fourie
Donnagene Fourie
What an amazing school! This school has got great owners & very capable teachers. I would recommend this school to any mom looking for a save, loving environment for her more

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